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Tuesday, 17 September 2019 18:49

Quantum Energy Healing

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This is a new approach to healing I have created using positive mind power & earth energies, glatic energies & also connect to Reiki, Sekhem which are Buddhist & Egyptian energy systems which also work to affect the Law of attraction & the five elements using Pure Healing Energy, quantum healling becomes possible in the space of ones own consciousness & own healing ability. I become like a conduit of this energy to affect the Flow of energy and amp it up for you ;)

Monday, 18 June 2018 16:47

Pregnancy Massage

 I offer pregnancy massage and do believe it to be of great benefit to all pregnant mothers. It is perfectly safe to get a pregnancy massage with me as I have many years of background experience & training with working on many lovely clients for a few years now. You are in good hands with Charlie & with Gaia Vibrance.

As long as you are after the first Trimester or 13 weeks of pregnancy you will be safe and your child will have the potential to be more enlightened & aware with the help of sound healing which is added into the massage.

By using healing frequencies & binural beats, tibetain bowels & other frequencies alongside energy clearing & chakra balancing you will get a massage that will uplift the mind, body & soul.

 Call Charlie on: 01364 388093 now to make an appointment. Open Monday to Friday 9 - 5pm